I love photography – people, places, food, ocean, land, sights and sounds. Anything that happens, I love to document it. I run with my trusty Olympus OM-D EM10 MK II for digital thanks to its fantastic portability and my black Canon AE1 for film. This is a super special camera as I got it in a camera shop in Shinjuku while on holiday in 2016 while my wife was pregnant with our second daughter. The adventure and story that goes along with my buying this camera is something that makes it all the more special. A hot humid 40 degree (105f) day in Tokyo looking at many camera stores resulted in some intense procrastination that ended a few days later when I went and got my shiny black AE1. And these Canon FD lenses are nothing short of fantastic value with a magnificent range that is capable of giving stunning results. And the range of film available – ohhhh the range of film was truly a thing of beauty! But anyhow as for my site – I put up examples of my work, reviews, film info and anything else that I like, thanks for coming by!


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  1. Hi,
    I enjoyed your web and instagram pages. They appear professionally honest and exploratory (if it is possible to express it like that)

    Best of luck

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