Wedding shoot with the Olympus 17mm f1.8

Late last year I had the chance to not only be the best man at my friend’s wedding but also be second shooter alongside my father who was using his EM10 with my 12-40 2.8 Pro. I used my recently purchased 17mm f1.8 lens and this was its first occasion shoot. I’d long been looking […]

Fujifilm Superia 100 Review In Phuket

Prior to my recent holiday to Phuket I’d decided I’d take two different films I’d purchased but not yet had the chance to use. The first of these was Kodak Ektar which I reviewed in my previous post and loved the results, and the second was some Fujifilm Superia 100 that had expired in 2013. […]

Kodak Ektar Review In Phuket

While planning a holiday one of the main decisions is always what camera equipment to take. Take absolutely everything and wreck your neck, blow your carry on allowance and annoy your wife or take the sensible but often overlooked route and only take what will still let you have a fun holiday and get some […]

Kodak ColorPlus 200 Review

When using film you’re confronted with plenty of choices, one of the main ones being how much you’re willing to spend on each roll. While for specific projects or purposes certain films may be needed – for example the overexposed Fuji Pro 400H look that’s become so in demand for weddings, as is the timeless […]

Superheadz Golden Half Camera Review

The Superheadz Golden Half camera is an all plastic camera with a plastic lens, weighing in at a tiny 90gm. Mine has a story that’s given it quite a lot of sentimental meaning, my Grandma had given me some money to spend during some of my time living in KL and I wanted to get […]

Olympus mju ii review

Here it is – the hottest camera in a very long time, the hippest camera for an even longer time, the camera that could quite easily pay for your mortgage if you have a few stockpiled! The Olympus mju ii has sent people crazy and I don’t know exactly what started it but at the […]

Medan, Sumatra

Back in 2012 when my wife (then fiancee) was pregnant with our first daughter, we headed from KL over to Medan for a short couple of nights holiday. Medan was absolutely fantastic and despite its reputation for being somewhat boring and dull, we found it to be an enthralling and beautiful mix of many different […]

Pudu Prison

Pudu prison was absolutely fascinating to photograph and I consider myself quite fortunate to have been able to do so before it was demolished over a number of years, finishing in 2012. It was opened in 1895, operated as a medium-maximum security facility and was used right up until 2009 (as a day holding facility) […]