Day out with the 12-40mm f2.8 Pro

Took the chance today to head down to a beach near where we live to check out the rock pools and jagged cliff formations, and hey, who doesn’t like a nice day out near the water! I took the 12-40mm f2.8 Pro with me since I knew with its versatile focal length it would be much more useful than the 17mm f1.8 which stayed at home on this occasion. Another huge plus of this lens has been it’s very quick focusing abilities which have been very handy when it comes to taking pics of my two daughters – something which is hard at the best of times!
For the shots I took today, it was overcast and there was rather a lot of gray in the sky but it was great to see that this lens was still able to render some fantastic colours, especially the golden browns and yellows of the sandstone cliffs, as well as maintaining shadow detail really well. I also still marvel at the sharpness of this lens as every time I load the photos onto my pc and bring them up in Lightroom I continue to be super impressed with just how sharp the shots are that I’ve taken with this lens. For today’s conditions, I shot on aperture priority and kept it at f4 to keep it sharp with a decent depth of field so as to make sure that for example, both kids faces would be in focus, especially with their movement being taken into consideration!
All in all, a great fun day and more and more reasons to further love this great lens!

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