Fujifilm Superia 100 Review In Phuket

Prior to my recent holiday to Phuket I’d decided I’d take two different films I’d purchased but not yet had the chance to use. The first of these was Kodak Ektar which I reviewed in my previous post and loved the results, and the second was some Fujifilm Superia 100 that had expired in 2013. I’d read some great things about this film and have always liked Superia 400 so was really keen to see what the difference would be in the results. After getting the scans back I was really quite pleased with it, and while it had a tiny hint of magenta to it, it was by no means too drastic and didn’t really bother me and it still gave a really nice, sharp result. I used it on a photo walk with my daughter in the early morning sun at a local market in Phuket Town which was great as it gave me a chance to test it against a range of different colours and lighting conditions. Once again this was with my trusty Canon FD 35mm 2.8 lens which has by far and away become my favourite travel lens as its small, light, versatile and gives fantastic results, in my opinion it really is an unsung hero of the FD line up. I really liked the way the browns of the coconut and the greens on the coconut sacks were handled as they were actually quite true to life as were the oranges and greens in the photo of the pineapples. Overall I found this film to give more subdued colours than Ektar, which is definitely to be expected, but it also gave a really nice slightly old school look to some shots – those of the motorbikes parked on the street – that was quite pleasant. Another great thing about this film was the way it captured the colours of flowers so accurately, especially the purples and oranges, which looked fantastic. Overall I’d say this is a very different film to Ektar and for sunny beach/tropical conditions I’d still go with Ektar, but for times when a bit more restraint in colours is desirable then I’d definitely use this film again.

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