Fujifilm Superia 400 on a trip to the mountains!

Among the insanity and craziness of covid restrictions coming and going, home schooling coming and going and general chaos among every facet of life, we still managed to have a fantastic couple of nights away in the always fantastic Grampians. This mountain range has always been great to visit and as a kid I always felt lucky that we got to head up to this region so often since it’s where my Grandma comes from and I got to spend a lot of my childhood running around and having a ball! It was freezing – literally! – and it was thermals, ski jackets and gloves for us on our morning walks but these clear conditions also made for some great opportunities to take along the good old black Canon AE1 that I got in Shinjuku back in 2016 (absolutely can’t wait to head back there!) loaded with some Fujifilm Superia 400. I’ve always loved Superia 400 – which I also loved using in Japan – and found that this film once again gave some results I was really happy with. For a well priced consumer grade film, it gives some really nice tones and captures detail quite well, with landscapes being a good test of this. These were all done on the Canon FD 35mm 2.8 lens which has become my go to lens for travel and just general day to day shooting and I find it hardly ever leaves my camera, gives very good macro results and is very sharp. For me it’s definitely one of the unsung heroes of the Canon FD lens world!

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