Giant Californian Redwoods, Otways National Park

Recently went for a fantastic day trip down to the Giant Redwoods in the Otways National Park in Victoria, a touch over 1 hour from where I live. It’s a hugely diverse area with a great range of different flora, fauna and terrain all making for some great photo opportunities, from high hills through to gently flowing rivers that go peacefully through the accompanying rain forest. These particular trees were planted way back in the 1930s as part of a logging experiment and have now grown to be over 60 meters tall and are predicted to even double in height with time, due to the ideal conditions they grow in. This means that they’d grow to over 100 metres in height and possibly challenge ‘hyperion’ a redwood in California as the tallest tree in the world, a staggering feat. In terms of photography, there’s lots of rich lush greenery and beautiful brown tones of the bark and leaves underfoot.
I used the Olympus 14-42 EZ lens on this occasion and while I was happy with the results, I’d love to be able to go back next time with one of their primes, particularly the 17 1.8 or even the sharpness of the 25 1.8 while sacrificing some wide angle coverage. With the challenging shadow conditions, the light peeking through the towering trees did on occasion push this lens to its limits and I can only imagine how fantastic it would be to capture even more detail with one of the above lenses. All in all though, once again this camera’s portability was great as I just left it over my shoulder while not only climbing over tree trunks and branches, but also while holding my children who took a few tumbles in the slippery conditions. I did bring my tripod however upon seeing the steepness of some of the slopes combined with the wet day it was I decided to leave this behind in my car. This turned out to be a wise decision as I saw others struggling to scale these same slopes with their larger equipment and tripods, and I even saw someone take a fall while holding onto their equipment. Once again, a great day and I can’t wait to go back and check out some more of this fantastic area.

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