Hawaii with the RX100 mk i

One of the good things about the covid lockdown has been having the chance to finally go through more photos of holidays that have gone by that you may not get to return to for quite a while yet. In this case, I finally got around to sorting through my Hawaii photos from 2018! I took the Sony RX 100 mk i / classic / first of a now very long line of great little cameras and it really did a great job. Enough has been written of the sensor quality that I won’t even bother, however I will say it’s very well built and solid and I personally really like the controls, especially the control ring around the lens. High-iso was also perfectly fine up to 1600, however given that nearly all my photos were taken in broad daylight this wasn’t hugely in demand. The colours are very nicely saturated without being overly so and exposure was fairly accurate although on occasion it actually seemed to underexpose a touch, although this was by no means too bad at all. After this, I also took it to Phuket in late 2018 before switching over to an Olympus TG5 in late 2019 and although the picture quality isn’t up to that of the RX100, it is great to be able to have one camera that I can take literally everywhere. This is especially important when holidaying around water – be it a beach or a pool – as well as where our young kids may get hold of it. But for situations where these things don’t apply, the RX100 is by all means a great pocket sized camera!

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