Kodak Pro Image 100 Review – KL 2017

Here’s a review of Kodak Pro Image 100 which was my choice of film to take to KL on our most recent holiday. It’s a cheap film that has the Pro label attached to it and is primarily designed for the South East Asian market – Thailand, Malaysia etc as it is designed to be much more tolerant to humidity and the harsher tropical conditions than other films can be both before and after being exposed. I’ve found it to be a really good, reliable colour film to use with it giving a nice slightly warm range of tones and a good exposure latitude. I often rate this film between 160-200 instead of the 100 box speed just to have a bit more flexibility and never get it push processed as I’ve never found the need to. It also handles harsh lighting quite well as a lot of these shots were taken in the morning as the sun starting to really beam down, with a few shots needing +1.0-+1.5 exposure compensation, however the highlights were maintained quite nicely. The film was developed and scanned by the fellas down at Analogue Academy in Geelong, Victoria. If you ever need developing, scanning or any film, they’ll take care of you! I’ve used probably 6-7 rolls of this film so far and have really liked it. I tend to use it in warm-hot sunny conditions and I’ve always really liked the tones it gives under these conditions, so would definitely not hesitate to use this film again next time we go back to KL, especially for how cheap it is. Although the grain is also not as fine as Portra for example it is by no means whatsoever an issue and I’ve cropped images quite a lot for example 8×10 prints with no worries at all. Especially the shots of the monkeys which were actually taken with a 35mm lens meaning although I was very close to them it still wasn’t a really close up shot.

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