Throwback Thursday – Kodak Ultramax 400 in the Golden Half

Ahhhhh the Superheadz Golden half camera…the little camera that could, the camera thats been tucked away in the tiniest pockets of mine, no batteries needed, 76 shots off one roll, in the hottest & most humid climates possible – all the while giving results that look actually not too bad at all printed up as a 4 x 6. This makes them perfect for holiday snapshots and on occasion, when lighting and film choice permit, they actually print up to 8 x 12 and still look fine – particularly with black and white film where the visible grain can actually add to an image. This camera won’t give high end results, but then again if that’s what you expect then you’ve probably gotta check your expectations. It will however be as easy to load film into as any camera you’ll ever use and it’ll also just keep going and going due to its sheer simplicity of construction. This particular roll was just some snapshots I took around 5 years ago with a roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 which I really like as a day to day film with its nice tones and I always enjoy the results I get using this.

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