Lani’s arrival on CHM 400 black and white film

For the birth of our second daughter Lani I wanted something physical, something tangible documenting this momentous occasion. I also wanted to have the privilege of developing the photos myself, so black and white was the natural choice. CHM Universal pushed to iso 800 came up a treat and never before have I developed such a special roll of film. CHM 400 is said to be made by Ilford for Fotoimpex and is very similar if not identical to Kentmere 400. It has a nice grain structure and is a forgiving, fairly neutral film to shoot with, neither overly flat or contrasty and is also nice and easy to develop. I was in a very sleep deprived state when developing this film at home and was glad they came out as I intended, and this has a lot to do with choosing a film that won’t punish you if your timing and temp is a little bit off. While the film is fairly grainy its a nice smooth grain that by no means detracts from the image itself and after this I have used this film for further everyday shooting etc, mixing it up with TMax 100, Ilford HP5 and even some XP2.
Shot with my Canon AE1 and 50 1.4 lens, developed in Ilfosol 3 using a Paterson tank.



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