Little India – Singapore / RX100

When you’re in Singapore, even for a transit stay – as we were for around 20 hours – it’s always worth a trip to Little India. Now I may be a little biased, having married an Indian Malaysian and loving spicy food, but that aside the sights, sounds and smells are just fantastic! Before we arrived we made a quick itinerary for our strike mission which was to hit Tekka Center for a feed as soon as possible and it was great to say it didn’t disappoint, and my banana leaf was everything I hoped for. After that we spent an afternoon looking around before a well earned night in and return to the airport the next morning. The RX100 came along for the ride, as did a roll of Ektar in my AE1, and while it did pretty well, it seemed to not quite capture those amazing vivid colours as well as my Olympus does – however Olympus does have a stellar reputation for colour rendering while sometimes the RX100 colours seemed a touch muted. There was also quite a lot of indoor low light shooting that I did and on some shots, being picky, I found that some which were shot at 1.8 to be a touch softer than intended. It was interesting to compare shooting the RX100 in Singapore to shooting it in Hawaii. Hawaii with its vivid blue skys and vibrant sunshine made it easier for this camera to better capture these bright tones, whereas Singapore was more overcast and had a more white/grey light which caused the RX100 to not be as effective as picking up those beautiful bright colours which were still there but just needed a bit more effort on the part of the camera. Nevertheless, it was still super handy to just put in my shorts pocket and always have at the ready whenever I wanted to take a shot.

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