Pudu Prison

Pudu prison was absolutely fascinating to photograph and I consider myself quite fortunate to have been able to do so before it was demolished over a number of years, finishing in 2012. It was opened in 1895, operated as a medium-maximum security facility and was used right up until 2009 (as a day holding facility) before the decision was made to redevelop the site and all buildings were subsequently demolished. It had an eventful and somewhat morbid history, with a cholera outbreak that killed hundreds of inmates, a six day prison siege, as well as being the scene of the execution of two Australians – Kevin Barlow and Brian Chambers – who were found guilty of trafficking heroin. However its expansive outer walls were also the scene of the longest mural in the world, as noted by the Guinness Book of Records, as done by an inmate who then returned once released to complete his project. The jail was already in a state of disrepair after only being empty for around a year, however the warm tropical climate was perfect for the rapid growth of plants throughout the facility. A fascinating place to take photos of which are now a vital part of Malaysian history preserved as it was just prior to it disappearing forever.

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