Superheadz Golden Half Camera Review

The Superheadz Golden Half camera is an all plastic camera with a plastic lens, weighing in at a tiny 90gm.

Mine has a story that’s given it quite a lot of sentimental meaning, my Grandma had given me some money to spend during some of my time living in KL and I wanted to get something cool, a bit different, something I’d be able to keep and hold onto. When I saw this I thought it’d be worth a go, plus it came with a free roll of film which was handy. Now first, a disclaimer – this is not a performance, top brand camera that gives stellar results, and nor does it pretend to be. It’s a plastic fantastic little character with loads of fun just waiting to be had! While living in KL I found it super handy as it usually gives a huge 76 exposures of one 36exp roll of film, which means there’s never a shortage of shots ready for you to take, and it’s tiny size has on occasion been very practical for times when I really wouldn’t have otherwise been able to take a camera. Not using batteries is also very handy and ironically I find it much easier to wind film onto than quite a few bigger brand more expensive cameras that I’ve used.
Being half frame, everything is in portrait orientation unless you turn the camera, the reverse of what most people are used to with film cameras but its really no drama. Shutter speed is 1/100 and aperture either f8 or f11 depending on what setting you choose. This means that if you’ve got a 400 speed film in that it can get a bit blown out and overexposed if used in bright sunshine but I’ve found if you use a 200 speed film it generally gives a usable result in everything but indoors, so pretty much any outdoor conditions will be fine. The test shots below were done on Ilford XP2 rated at 400 which I developed in Ilfosol 3 at home. I find in the right lighting the lens actually gives quite a pleasant result, especially considering it’s half frame and also at the end of the day its still a plastic lens. There’s a noticeable blur and fall off in sharpness towards the corner of the frame but the center remains nicely sharp and like I say, its all about having realistic expectations and getting back to the basics of taking photos and having fun while doing it. Plus for sheer simplicity this camera is pretty hard to beat which often makes quite a refreshing change.
It’s been a fantastic little camera and for a great fun way to preserve memories that aren’t dependent on ever being enlarged etc then this is actually a nice option considering it fits in even a small pocket no problem at all. And for a camera to have a backstory makes it even better.

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  1. Mumma says: Reply

    Great pics and very sharp 😀

    1. Larry says: Reply

      Thanks! Glad you got to check it out!

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