Tokyo 2016

Spending a week in Tokyo in August 2016 was a fantastic experience. It was nearly 40 degrees (105f) while we were there and my wife was nearly 6 months pregnant with our second daughter, so we didn’t get to do everything we wanted and I had to do a super quick dash just to see Akhiabara, the video gaming center. However, it was still a fantastic fun filled week which made us fall in love with Japan and its people as well as the many facets that make it so great. Our Air BnB was in Gotanda, a part of Shinagawa, which was also great, more low key and a bit of a slower pace of life than a lot of the other parts of Tokyo which meant a cruisier holiday for us. Can’t wait to go back again and take in the country side, some traditional tea houses, Tokyo Disney and of course Mt Fuji!

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