Tokyo point and shoot action Part 1

More Covid time, more chances to go through more pics that I’ve somehow never got around to properly sorting and cataloging – this time the shots I got on our 2016 trip to Tokyo where I took a Nikon P330 – which these galleries are made up of –  and also bought my all black canon AE1.
The little P330 did a top job among some very trying conditions – up to 40 degree temperatures, massive humidity and one very hot and sweaty photographer! It’s got a 1/1.7″ sensor which is noticeably larger than the common 1/2.3″ sensor used on most compacts but much smaller than the 1 inch sensor used on the higher end compacts such as the RX100 series for example. I noticed the camera tended to underexpose the shots by 1/2 to 1 stop but after Lightroom correction they still turned out not too shabby at all. The 1.8 aperture also turned out to be pretty handy and when outside and using iso 100, you could get some really nice detail which was pleasing. Unfortunately however, it had a massssssssive meltdown the day we went to the Meiji Shrine and for whatever reason, the beautiful greens in the garden area were either totally blown out or washed out or just totally wrong altogether. Then around the shrine itself, there was the worst flaring and handling of contrast I’ve ever seen, to the point of these shots not being salvageable even in Lightroom. Add to that some pretty funky barrel distortion being shown due to the beautiful architectural lines present and sadly most of my shots were not saveable which was really odd and it was like something in the sensor just had a meltdown with the colours and lighting conditions that were present.
Although,  it has to be said apart from that it was a cool camera to have in my pocket on this unreal holiday. Keep the iso as low as possible (400 and under) and you were good to go, as a broad daylight camera at iso 100 I got some shots I really liked capturing some moments of this holiday that we really loved and ever since then I’ve been wanting to go back again!

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